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[March 20, 2011]

Poor neglected Square Waves website! We have stuff on our Facebook site and a Muxtape site in case you thought we weren't doing anything at all anymore.

We have recorded several new songs over the last few months but haven't been playing live for awhile. Going to be changing that soon. Check out some of the new tracks at the sites I just mentioned, including Yr Better Off Chemicals and Only 1. We also recorded a cover that we'll put up somewhere real soon...a Square Waves take on a recent indie folk-downer.

Seen above you can see our recently acquired Roland sample pad which looks nice with the Vectrex arcade machine. Hardware!



[June 27, 2010]

Lots going on. Sort have neglected this site, what with all our other sites like Facebook and Myspace.

We are very excited to be playing Sled Island this year, in just a few days on Wednesday June 30! We play at the Marquee at 10:30PM, follwed by Piper Davis and Lesbians on Ecstasy.

For the festival we have recorded a special 6 song EP at the Mammoth Cave. This is the first time we've ever done a recording with the actual band playing. The songs are all from the Peace For Bombs EP which was released early this year; a side project of Jeff. We'll be included download codes for the EP with copies of our 12" record for sale!

You can buy our new record at the Wowbam Records store! You can also buy the MP3 version on iTunes, Amazon, and various other sites.

Speaking of the band, the band now includes the great Antonio Zucco on bass, as Ryan has departed out east to Ottawa, hopefully to start a new band.

Hope to see you at Sled Island!



[January 7, 2010]

We have our records! A few nights ago a team of local music celebrities piled together and helped stuff and bag them all, and they look great. Gotta Groove Records did an amazing job, check them out for your record pressing needs.

Where do you buy it? Our label Wowbam Records has set up a little online store! And soon there will be tons of online and offline places to pick it up. Who said we weren't prepared for this? Ball dropped! Stay tuned for more info.

Oh and follow us on Twitter for up to date news!



[December 18, 2009]

Did I mention we're making a record? No? Well we received the test pressings for it today! So it's real...

The record is a 12" 45RPM EP with 6 songs. We used Gotta Groove Records to press it, a new place out of Cleveland Ohio, and the record sounds hot. Hopefully we'll have the real deal by the end of the year, and then we'll figure out what to do with them. Sell them? Yes! We'll have more info on the record here soon.

Although we took a rest for a few months, we have a show December 18, which is today, at GCBC (upstairs of the Henotic). This is the Henotic's 1st anniversary, and cover is $10 or $7 with an item for the Food Bank. This show is going to be a lot different for us. Special guest stars, and a new instrument line-up. Drums! Real drums!

Come out and see us! 2010 is going to be a good year...



[August 31, 2009]

We are playing two shows early this September, both opening for Immaculate Machine. Check it out Friday September 4th at Broken City in Calgary (also featuring Lightning Dust!), or Tuesday September 8th for some back to school fun at Henotic in Lethbridge. We have Kent Aardse of Endangered Ape fame filling in on keys/guitar for the Calgary show. Also some, believe it or not, real drums will make an appearance for a song. What's the world coming to?

See you there!



[July 12, 2009]

Summer is here, and so are a ton of shows! A ton of shows for us anyways, because we don't usually play a lot of shows. And these are some pretty amazing shows. Check it:

Hope to see you out!



[June 1, 2009]

We are playing several shows this month including Sled Island on June 29!


  • June 6 - GCBC Lounge (Lethbridge AB) w/ Meisha + The Spanks, Brenda Vaqueros, The Moby Dicks
  • June 20 - GCBC Lounge (Lethbridge AB) Sled Island South Preview! w/ Mt. Royal, Mount Analogue + All Lethbridge Sled Island Performers!
  • June 29 - Sled Island at Lord Nelson (Calgary AB) at 9:00pm w/ Before Dawn, No Horses, The Main Drag, Brenda Vaqueros

A new song called Fifteen And Done is up on our Myspace page too.

Our current lineup is: Jeff King, Ryan Shannon, Paul Lawton, and Jane Edmundson. Things are good! Come out and see the Squaves!




[November 1, 2008]

The Square Waves are playing 2 shows this November. November 9 at The Slice with Azeda Booth, Endangered Ape, and Bjorn Odin. Then 2 days later on November 11 at the Ottoman Lounge in Medicine Hat. The lineup is changed this time around, with 2 new players stepping in to help out. There will be more shows in the near future (December, January?) too.



[August 22, 2008]

The Square Waves band will be regrouping this fall after a break. Check out our page which has some tracks. CDs will be going out soon to campus radio. The 7" is still in the cards. Songs are complete. Also a site redesign!



[November 18, 2007]

Working hard on new songs. One is complete, another almost, another almost almost. We have funds to produce a 7" and we will be doing that shortly. We have our A side and need a B side. Hoping one of these new songs becomes that. It will be good.



[September 21 2007]

You can see a video of one of the songs from our last show. Was my guitar in tune? Since it proved a success, we decided to play again in November. We will be at Broken City in Calgary on November 1st for the monthly RAMP show. The theme is the Mexican Day of the Dead. What does this mean for the Square Waves? Who knows. Something insane.

In other cool news, our song All That's Left is on the current CBC Radio3 Podcast (#122). You can download the whole thing in MP3 form, we are toward the end. As far as Podcasts go, this is one of the best, so, well, nice!

Did I mention our new 5 song CD? It is a mini-cd, which means you probably can't play it in your laptop. Think of it as a challenge. It looks like this:

We made 100 copies and if you want your very own come to a show or email us. Each one is handmade with a unique fragment of circuit board on the front, lovingly assembled by The Square Waves band.



[August 12 2007]

The Square Waves are playing a show at The Slice this Thursday (August 16th), with local heroes The Void and Jake Jasmine of Vancouver.

Check it out! CDs for sale.



[June 5 2007]

Big news, we are playing at Sled Island in Calgary this month! An all ages show, June 30th at Emmedia. Bands are:

knots / the teenage popes / my robot unicorn / the jagatha christies / neighbourhood council / the fox opera / the grim beat / the square waves / hills like white elephants

Check the festival site for more info.

More songs being are being recorded, and we hope to have a homemade CD for the show. More info to come.



[April 18 2007]

We are playing two shows.

Friday April 20 at the Tongue n Groove, with Bonnaventure James and the Deluxe Belgium opening.
View the poster!

Then on Saturday April 21, again at the Tongue n Groove, opening for Calgary's Azeda Booth.
View the poster!

Please come out!



[March 27 2007]

The Square Waves band is practicing again, including 2 new songs. I have recorded another song since last update, called "Burn The Bridges To The Shores". Also nearly done another song titled "The Sum", along with yet one more which is currently in demo form called "Lights Die Out".

The reason for the practicing is a show on April 21, opening for Azeda Booth, at the Tongue n Groove in Lethbridge. Come out and see what we've learned since last time.



[February 28 2007]

Shows probably not starting in March, but probably late spring. Or maybe the live show is a summer only event? We will get something happening. There is a new song available in the usual places, this one is called "All That's Left". Check out the music page.

The Square Waves recently spent a couple of weeks on the CJSR charts (Edmonton). Thank you for the airplay!

I am currently putting all my free time into writing new songs, with the goal of having something shiny by Fall.



[January 12 2007]

Look I bought a website. New music is nearly done. The new year brings new gear.

Shows starting in March, provided all can make it.



[September 26 2006]

We've played 2 shows now, both went well. More are planned for the future.

Photos from our first show are visible on this page. Thanks Tanya! Plus, a video from the show too!

And more music is on the way.

CD's are available at Blueprint in Lethbridge. Have been getting some play on campus radio stations. Thank you!


[August 2 2006]

The show is tomorrow. Still practicing. Still need something to set our machines on.

Oh we are here now. Check it out.

See you tomorrow.


[July 3 2006]

It's been awhile, but things are still happening for The Square Waves.

A band has been assembled, and we will be playing our first ever live show on August 3rd at the Tongue & Groove in Lethbridge Alberta. It should prove an interesting night. More to follow.



[November 29 2005]

Another song is at NMC. It is called Non-Responsive, and has lots of guitar. Have a listen!

Also many copies of my EP are about to be sent across the country. More on that when there is something interesting to say about it.



[SEPTEMBER 24 2005]

CKXU has a 6 song Square Waves EP. That's 88.3 FM in Lethbridge. Tune in and you may hear some.

Anyone want to see a live Square Waves band? Tell me.



[MARCH 15 2005]

There are now five songs on NMC. Check out Infinite Loop (Number One Fan) and The Few.

I have been considering doing a live Square Waves. One experiment worked well, so I'll continue working on it and maybe someday you can see the Square Waves in an abandoned box factory near you.

A photo exists on Photo page. New Square Waves in the works.



[OCTOBER 15 2004]

Whispers Are Loud will be played on CBC Radio2 a bit after 2 a.m. Saturday (October 16) night (technically Sunday morning).

Also they are playing an Akolade track at around the same time. So, after you stumble home from the bar, turn on the radio.



[AUGUST 2 2004]

Dreams Kept On Machine is on the New Music Canada Electronic/Intelligent charts. At number 7 at the time of this update.

I have completed a 6-track Ep to send somewhere. I have an idea.



[MARCH 12 2004]


I've been a "If you like".. featured artist on New Music Canada's Electronic page for the last few weeks...



[JANUARY 7 2004]

2 more songs are now up on!

Check them out, tell me what you think.


[JANUARY 6 2004]

New site up. Look around. Songs are streaming on right now.

2 More songs should be appearing on NMC in the oncoming days. They are:

-Watching Me (Technology): Recorded in April 2003

-Whispers Are Loud: Recorded January 2004



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